Day five: Kingsman: The Secret Service + Focus (March, 14)

In honor of Pie Day, a nerd movie. It wasn't intentional, but, how I said before, I don't choose the films... It seems to choose me instead.

Eyes on the screen, I couldn't believe in what I was seeing. So many references, so ironic, so much fun... I haven't read the comics (I will now), but I'm sure Kingsman: The Secret Service is a nice adaptation. For a start, the director, Mattew Vaughn, was a co-creator of the characters, along with Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. Researching about the comics and the movie, I found a 2012 article that announced the comics and the possibility of a movie. I didn't know about that until five minutes ago... And my question is: where do I live? In Mars? And I even say that I like comic books... unforgivable. 

The movie is fun, fun, fun... My smile was bigger and bigger at each scene... untill the church part, when it becomes a violent vision of the world. But I shouldn't have expected less from Vaughn. We laugh, but we don't do it in vain: Kingsman is a very serious business, even if it is also a funny and smart one. 

Colin Firth is always a gift, specially when we don't see him in the screen so frequently. His character brings so many references, the most precious to the british, as it seems, that I just wish I'd be smarter to get all of them - one example is his room with The Sun's first pages... so many irony there, I'm sure. But the majority just pass in blank by me. What a shame. 

My eyes, my mind, my soul were happy today. And right now I just want to see it again, regretting that I didn't go to a screening in the xD theater last week. It must have been amazing watching it in the giant screen. 

An observation: I'm more and more averse to people in movie theaters. For that reason, I see myself seeking the front seats more often. The problem is, lots of people now do the same. And they all must have a sense of solitude so strong that makes them buy a seat too close to others. Sorry, this is my stake in being a little crazy (a prerogative due to every human being). But in a time when the customers think they are in their living room watching tv, it is difficult to be around them. Today a couple seated clumsily behind my chair, with the guy putting his bare feet in the chair near me right away. A very ugly feet, I must say. I changed places to got far from that gross thing and I watched happily a very good movie. In peace (ok, maybe I'm a little crabby today... but that feet was really too much to a person that already lost her faith in movie theater's customers). 

Kingsman: The Secret Service. Directed by Mattew Vaughn. With: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine. Writers: Mattew Vaughn and Jane Goldman from the comic book by Marak Millar and Dave Gibbons. Uk, 2014, 129 min., Dolby/Dolby Atmos, color (Cinema).

I'm aware that this blog is called One Movie a Day... but sometimes this number is multiplied. I love double and even triple movie's ehxibitions. And this saturday wasn't any different. After Kingsman, I saw the door to the other theater openned and decided for a double feature. 

It was not really fair to watch Focus near Kingsman. The difference between both is bigger when they're close, more than it would be, I think, if I'd saw the two films separately. Course, it is enjoyable, witty, but all the time I thought how Out of Sight (1998) is so much better. Again, I wasn't being fair, maybe, but during the movie I got this persistent idea that Focus was reaching to be what the movie by Steven Soderbergh with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez is: a smart and charming con man as a hero, the image and sound out of sync in some scenes, smart songs... At the end, nothing was different in me, except what I thought while seeing Kingsman. But it was fun, Rodrigo Santoro has more than two lines and it was also a good way of staying out of home in cleaning day. 

Focus. Directed by Glenn Fiquarra, John Requa. With: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro. Writers: Glenn Fiquarra, John Requa. US, 2014, 105 min,. Dolby Digital/Datasat, color (Cinema).

PS: Fragments: The Fautl in Our Stars was with me while I was writing this post. Good thing that, the first time, I didn't cry my eyes out when with this story...Ok, too late now. Already crying (The eulogy scene... understandable, right? Better to end this post now).

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