Day forty-eight: In Your Eyes (April, 26)

At forty and something days into this, and the One Movie a Day's dare has been a constant surprise. One of them is that, at first, I thought I would prioritize productions that I haven't seen and are waiting in my DVD's chest. Some has even taken residence on the TV rack, waiting for me. I've saw a few of them, but they are not being the body of this dare, at least yet. 

The thing is, and it is the surprise I've talked about, when I'm researching a movie to write about it, I usually encounter others. My favorite movies' researching site is imdb.com. When we look for a movie, some others are listed in relations to the first one. Also, I look for others movies by the directors and actors listed on a film's profile. And this way a movie's net is created, with other movies calling my attention from the ones I've already seen.  

It has been an amazing net.

From What If, I got to others Zoe Kazan's movies, and this way I met In Your Eyes, written and produced by the amazing Joss Whedon. I can say that, compared to Avengers, for example, this is a small production, maybe a pet project. There's no intent in diminishing the value of this film with this kind of say. But In Your Eyes is in fact a small good movie by one of the most prodigious filmmakers of our times.

And it is so adorable.

There's another story associated to the Day forty-eight: I wasn't in the mood for movies on that day. I wasn't feeling too well, and I just wanted to stay in my bed, surrounded by a great amount of covers, reading nonstop. But that's the thing with dares, they're daring. And not easy, usually. So, I got up and put In Your Eyes on the DVD player.

And another surprisingly good film was waiting for me. It is classified as a "romantic SciFi", and it is accurate, for a change in the awful classificatory system. Zoe Kazan doesn't disappoint in a role slightly different from her others, but Michael Stahl-David is a little less consistent (without compromising the good story). Cliches were overused sometimes, but in all I was happy with my increasing movie's net when I got to its end.

Sometimes, we can only really see ourselves out of our own self-deprecating self-doubting ways through other's eyes. Good friends are amazing mirrors. Soul mates can be too, when the love is true, honest, not manipulative. Under this perspective, an (apparently) impossible way to connect to another is presented in the movie, doing what science fiction does in its best: referring with great accuracy to important aspects of life and humans relations. 

In Your Eyes. Directed by Brin Hill. With: Zoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David,
Mike Feuerstein. Writen by Joss Whedon. US, 2014, 106 min. Color (DVD).

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  1. I stumbled upon this title last year, it's was available on demand on Vimeo I think, so I was under the impression this was a very indie film. I was surprised to read you had it on DVD, and also that it scored a pretty good 7.2 mark on IMDb. Makes me want to watch it more.
    The interesting thing about when I found this was that the idea in the poster (the one where the guy looks out at the mountains) is very similar to what I had envisioned for the poster for my own film. I don't even care if anyone ever say I copied this, I had a strong concept for it way before I even saw this and I believed in it and went for it. And I love my poster, which I will release very soon :)
    But yea, looking forward to seeing this one, cause 'romantic sci-fi' sounds great to me.

    [ j ]