Day twenty-four: Furious 7 (April, 2)

For about two years now, my beloved niece had been asking me to go with her to the Furious 7 midnight screening. She is truely a fan, and couldn't wait to see the final installment of one of her favorite series in movies. Furthermore, she was anxiously speculating about how Paul Walker would appear in the film.

My love for her is big .. so I was there, early today, at a movie theater full of buffy guys that wouldn't fit on their small seats - and they were very proud of that -, to see a continuation to a series that I've watched just the first movie almost fifteen years ago. 

Ok, to be honest, I love midnight screenings, and it was no sacrifice. But I also hate full theaters, and this screening saga proved to be a bit too much even for me.

The movie was entertaining, at least when the characters were silent. I've already said here that I'm not picky, but some lines and dialogues are really, truthfully, immensely bad (beyond the usual C'mon, goddammit!), specially when delivered by Michelle Rodrigues. But it is fun, and some of the characters laughing of their own cliches made it even funnier (Dwayne The Rock Johnson shamelessly imploded his arm plaster by flexing his muscles. Something like that is priceless).

The key point here is action, and the movie never disappoints in that. Action scenes were engineered in such a way that it is not unusual to us look at our neighbor in disbelief. And laughing. And going back to look at the screen to see the next unbelievable stunt (while still trying no to cringe from the bad dialogue). But I must say that it was too long: lasting about 30 minutes to the end, I thought that it could have already been over without no harm the good action or the story (well...).

And, of course, there was the waited homage to Paul Walker, dead at an car accident at november 2013, at 40 years old. The whole cast was already filming Furious 7, that was interrupted until the production could decide what to do. Well, the decision was respectful, fit to the series and very moving - I was actually in tears at the final scene. And for that I got an sneering glance from my niece - she was thrilled too, just didn't want to admit, until later, when she told me the end was her favorite part in the whole movie. Mine too. 

Furious 7. Directed by James Wan. With: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker,
Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson
(You put Vin, Jason and Dwayne side
 by side and there will be no place for the three of them at the screen).
Writer: Chris Morgan from the characters by Gary Scott Thompson .  Japan/US, 137 min., Dolby Digital/Datasat/SDDS, Color (Cinema). 

PS: Fragments:  The Butcher's Wife, 1991 (I actually adore this little movie, with a funny younger Jeff Daniels); the unfortunatelly short TV show 10 things I hate about you, 2009 and the too much for me Jesse, 2011 (But my niece love it, so...).

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