Day 106: Jurassic World (June, 23)

What a bummer.

The movie? No. Me. I'm officially declaring myself a picky cranky person. Maybe it is all this thinking and writing about films - a friend told me once that at some point I wouldn't simply enjoy a movie anymore. I disagreed at first, but now I'm starting to think that it is possible. 

And I'm very sad about it.

Today, I spent all the time in Jurassic World hating it. How stereotyped the characters are, how silly they are, how this could have been so much better. I complained out loud about many scenes, hope that some characters would dye an awful death by dinosaur, and got to the end relieved that it was over. Sure, the dinossaurs are amazing, so real. Truely outstanding. Chris Pratt is no bad either (But he is so much less than he was in Guardians of The Galaxy) But I couldn't enjoy any of it, actually. The most important, though, it is that I wasn't able to care about the story and characters, and this is a death sentence for me in a fictional narrative. 

No, I'm lying. All the references to Jurassic Park were great, since the first one with the Jake Johnson's shirt, till  other parts that presented something of the first movie. And speaking about Johnson, his almost kiss scene was good also. But that's it.

Haven't I  said already? What a bummer. 

The worst for me was Bryce Dallas' character. So cheesy, so badly written, so ill performed. And if in a movie about dinosaurs, I pay more attention to Brice's hair than to the incredible re-creation of the extinct animals, Houston, we got a problem. If it is just with me, or else, I don't know. But that's how I felt, anyway. Unfortunately. 

Sorry Mari and Gus, for being such a bad company. I promise I'll try to behave myself next time :)

Jurassic World. Directed by Colin Trevorrow. With: Chris Pratt, Bryce
Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy. Writers: Rick Jaffa et al. from
the characters created by Michael Crichton. US/China
(I should have known...),
2015,  124 min., Dolby Digital/Datasat/Dolby Surround 7.1, Color (Cinema).

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