Day eighty-five: I'm Not a Hipster (June, 2)

Without knowing at first, I chose a movie that matched my pain. In a gastritis crises, I was bawling on the couch while suffering the pain of seeing Brook Hyde throwing his life through the window for not dealing with his internal pain and loss. 

That was I'm Not a Hipster, Destin Daniel Cretton debut in features - his newest movie is already here, in day 77.

For a while, during the film, I was trying to connect the title to what I was seeing, which was a stupid thing to do. I should have known better than to fall into the labeling trap. And because I was stuck in a silly label, I couldn't realise what was in front of me: a guy empty of himself by pain and loss, unable to find his way back to life. 

I was annoyed by Brook so many times, but at some point he reminded me how i use to deal with pain: in solitude, silence, isolation. But it was hard to see how he would achieve that, being a douche to everybody, everywhere. 

The main character is difficult, but there are enthralling elements in the movie that make us stay in front of the screen. The soundtrack's great, one of the reasons why I was able to endure Brook's infighting. His three sisters are a joy to see, his best friend is the cutest weird unshaken-by-Brook's-rudeness guy. Those characters seem real, as I see is usual in Cretton's stories. I'm looking forward for his next movie.

I'm Not a Hipster. Directed and written by Destin Daniel Cretton. With:
Dominic Bogart, Alvaro Orlando, Tammy Minoff. US, 2012, 90min., Color (DVD).

PS: I fear for the new Orphan Black's season. It is so confusing, the plot is getting a bit silly... The first two seasons are so good, it is a shame if this new one ends up flunking. 

PSS: Browsing some cable channels, I stopped to watch Fargo,  a 1996's movie that called my attention to the Coens. It was a good chance to remember some of it after seeing the outstanding TV Show by the same name, produced by both brothers.  The movie is amazing, and there is a part that explains something in the series. Actually, the TV show links to the  movie in many ways, as I expected, but wasn't able to remember at first.

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