Day ninety-four: PS: I Love You (June, 11)

I was talking about movies to a friend during dinner today. After already have laughed our faces of with one of the most amazingly surreal dialogues of my life (described below on the post scriptum), she asked about a movie with Sandra Bullock and Mark Ruffalo. The film's plot was something like that, according to her: Bullock, after being left by her husband, goes to France to stay with an old couple, her friends. Ruffalo was, maybe, their son. The emphasis is on the maybe, she wasn't sure about he's being the son, but the rest was accurate, she told me surely. I couldn't remember Sandra Bullock in France with an old couple, but we tried to discover to which movie she was referring anyway. 

Ok, here's what we found out, with laughing tears that are still on my eyes: there's no Bullock or Ruffalo on it. The movie is with Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler. She wasn't abandoned by her husband per se - he died. And the foreign country was not France (or Italy, the second alternative), but Ireland. And the film is known as PS: I Love You, that I've watched earlier in the morning. And that's why I was able to identify it from her not-even-close accurate summary about this movie.  

I lost track of how many times I've seen this film. Four or five. Or even six. It doesn't matter. What has called my attention on the last times is how stereotyped is the Irish accent - and I'm not an English native speaker. But even so my ears were actually hurting.  One more faked Irish "love" in the movie and I wanted to scream. It got worse with time, and today it was really annoying. 

The movie is an adaptation of Irish author Cecelia Ahern. I've read all of her earlier books, the most recent ones I didn't like much, until I stopped entirely to keep track of the new releases. But at the time PS: I Love You premiered, I was into the (unfortunately) called "chick lit". Ahern and Lisa Jewel were favorite authors that went from funny, witty, sweet books to more sentimental and obvious stories. Or maybe I've changed. PS: I Love You is a simple endearing book, that had a more pretentious adaptation on screen. But I like the movie anyway. And the first scene is well constructed, a good composition in rhythmic dialogue and movements. 

However enjoying it today, and being amused as how it served to solve the mystery about Bullocks in France's movie, I think that I had enough of it already. 

PS: I Love You. Directed by Richard LaGravenese. With: Hilary Swank,
Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr. Writers: Richard LaGravanese, Steven
Rogers from the book by Cecelia Ahern. US, 2007, 126 min., Dolby Digital/

DTS/SDDS, Color (Cable).

PS: Before Bullock in France, there was another funny dialogue about movies. This dinner was such a comedy act. My friend inquired, at some point, about Christopher Lee's movies. She'd read about his death (RIP, Saruman), and wasn't able to put a face on him. I started with the most obvious: The Lord of The Rings, Dracula... And she interrupted me: Ah, from Dracula I only remember The Joker. Jack Nicholson, right? What are you talking about?, was my confused reaction. The fact is: for her, Dracula and Batman were the same. Until we finally realised that, it was a funny chat. Oh, this world and its amazing inhabitants :)

PPS: Last year, there was another Ahern book on screen, Love, Rosie. It was a shame that the movie had such a bad pace that, according to my niece, it seemed like a 4 hour film, and not only 102 min.


  1. I've only seen this once, when it came out on DVD, but I remember really liking it. I'm a sucker for rom-coms and this one delivers.
    Now, that story of your friend was hilarious! Sandra Bullock and Mark Ruffalo fall in love in France. Someone make that movie immediately! hahaha Love it.

    Also, Batman and Dracula being the same guy. Who's that friend of yours, I think she should have her own blog as well, I'm just saying :D


    [ j ]

    1. Have you read the book? It is sweet, endearing, ... The movie had worked for me at the first time I've saw it. But now I see myself questioning it a lot. I still like it, though.

      I'll introduce you to my friend. She shoud write her own blog. Better, she should be a protagonist in a TV show, for sure :)