Day 120: Inside Out (July, 7)

Last month, I saw an interview in which Amy Poehler talked about the subject on Pixar/Disney animation Inside Out. According to her, it talks about how every feeling is a part of us, and that we should embrace it, even if it is something that is difficult to admit. I was immediately interested by this movie, because I think - and feel - exactly like that. 

I see all around me people that sneer to the sadness, irritation, anger of others. Specially sad, like it is a disease. We usually fight against feelings that are not welcome socially or even by ourselves. We can struggle with guilty, desperation, loneliness while dealing with those feelings. But something that I though at the movies today was how the suicide group on yesterday's On the Edge would be smaller if we were used to embrace what we're actually feeling, looking it in the eye instead of turning our backs to it, pretending it is not there, inside us. 

Something that I realise along years and years of struggle, is that when we accept what we're feeling, we finally reach a resolution. A peace o mind, a quiet heart. Fighting our feelings is for sure a sure way to go deeper into what we are avoiding. It is odd, isn't it? But it feels true to me. And maybe for the people that wrote Inside Out.

Sadness is an unwanted part of the main character here. She doesn't fit the others feelings, specially Joy, so up and hopeful all the time. She is not seen by her peers, she is not acknowledged... but she is there, a true part of Riley. A precious part. What we'll realise is that she holds the answers for some difficult changes in the girl's life. 

Riley is 11 years old, almost 12. My niece, near me in the cinema, is the same age. I was able to identify so many similarities between the two that I saw myself smiling in many moments. The loss of some of the "Islands of Personality" while Riley changes is heartbreaking, but pictures so beautifully what growing up is. I'm witnessing it in my beloved and smart girl, and it is sad and amazing at the same time.  

At last, I'm truly happy to say that my Goofball Island is still standing, for sure :)

Inside Out. Directed by Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen. With: Amy
Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black. Writers: Pete Docter et al. US, 2015,
94 min., Dolby Digital/Datasata/Dolby Atmos, Color/Animation (Cinema).


  1. One of the best Pixar's movies ever made. It's beautiful, it's emotional, it's original, it's funny, and it's surprisingly clever. This film shows how emotions work in a very smart and impressive way, and handles a kid's psychology with real characters. It's a movie that adults and kids can enjoy equally.

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    1. It is clever! And how it presents our emotional and mental dynamics is in fact original. and has a way to stay with us after the movie. Yesterday, I was reading about a study that reveals brain regions where songs get stuck, and I thought right away about the bubble gum jingle in Inside Out :)