Day 122: Minions (July, 9 - again)

Do you remember the happy meeting with old and dear friends on day 121? Two of them are young nieces that invited me to the movies. We had first planned to see Paper Towns, but at the last minute they chose the Minions' movie. I've already have seen it, but it didn't matter actually. Their company was the protagonist here :)

In a too crowded cinema, I could confirm my first impression about this film: the first scenes are good (but my friends didn't laugh as I thought they would... while I was cracking without any shame), the development is boring, and the scene with a Beatles song at the very last moment after the final credits is cute. I could also see some details that passed unnoticed at the first time. I don't mind see a movie more than one time, even one that I didn't appreciate much, like Minions. Nevertheless, it was a fun screening, with two dear friends, in a noisy and crowded cinema in July. 

Since last time, Minions' collection has increased

Minions. Directed by Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin. With: Pierre Coffin, Sandra
Bullock, John Hamm. Writer: Brian Lynch. US,  2015, 91 min., Datasat/
SDDS/Dolby Digital/Dolby Atmos, Color, Animation (Cinema).

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