Day 129: Safety Not Guaranteed (July, 16)

All elements of a nice indie movie were present in Safety Not Guaranteed. Jake Johnson, too awkward characters, a lot of (wannabe) witty dialogues, a bit of SciFi... No way it wouldn't be so much fun and even endearing. 

Many users in imdb.com thinks like that - they not shy on their compliments. But for me there was something missing. It looked so perfect, so likable, but despite being a relatively short movie, it got me bored pretty quick. I couldn't understand why, because, as I said, it seemed so good. But the characters fell into a void, the story was badly told... I don't know. It just didn't work for me. 

However, I'll say this: when two lovely weird individuals fall in love, it is magic. There's no doubt in that simple fact, and even this not so good movie could deny it. 

Safety Not Guaranteed. Directed by Colin Trevorrow. With: Aubrey Plaza,
Jake Johnson, Mark Duplass. Writer: Derek Connolly. US, 2012, 86 min.,
Dolby Digital/Datasat, Color (Netflix).

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