Day 136: The Dust Factory (July, 23)

The Dust Factory. Directed and written by Eric
 Small. With: Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Kelly,
Armin Mueller-Stahl. US, 2004, DTS/Dolby
Digital/SDDS, Color (Cable TV).
The second out of space day got an even worse movie than the last one.

It was entirely my fault, because obviously it would be bad, but I chose not to hear any of the loud warnings about The Dust Factory, a family movie on Cable. The beginning was sweet, the middle is sheer bad filmmaking, and the end is just... ok, I'll stop here. Let me just tell you that I haven't liked it at all, but I persevered till the end in the hope for better days, as to say. The "nerdy space-fan" bit in the synopsis got me curious, and I decided to try it - a nerdy character is always worthy the try. And trying is actually the only way to discover if a film is for you or not. Still, as I said before, I really don't know why it should be for me since the beginning.

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