Day 166: The Drop (August, 22)

Tom Hardy has been a constant source of good surprises. I'm following his career (thanks to Joe), and he never disappoints. It's the opposite, actually: he shows us how we'll see much more from him in the future. In The Drop, it's not different. What we expect in this movie is never there. It is clever, full of suspense, quiet, intriguing... An outstanding crime story. I will not write much about it, and I advice you to not read about before watching it. Seriously, embark on this clever story. It is worth it.

This post is tiny, but that doesn't tell how much I loved this movie. I was curious - it is so gripping. And there's a bittersweet bonus: this was the last film appearance of James Gandolfini. He died just one month after shooting this movie. He is always a remarkable presence, and in this one he had the good company of a great rising actor.  

The Drop.Directed by Michael R. Roskam. With: James Gandolfini, Tom
Hardy, Noomi Rapace
(It was nice seeing her, she is amazing in the Millenium
 movies). Writer: Dennis Lahane, from his short story Animal Rescue. USA,
2014, 106 min., Dolby, Color (DVD).


  1. Cool, I'm more than curious now! And I won't read about it any further, as you said. This could be the next one on my list :D
    Can't wait to hear what you think of Bronson and Warrior.

    [ j ]

    1. I thought you've watched it! We usually talk about so many movies that I get lost sometimes :)