Day 204: Persepolis (September, 29)

Persepolis, a 2007 French/US production, has been on my "radar" since its premiere. As happens with many and many other films, I'm not sure why I haven't seen it before.

The choice to tell the story of Islamic Revolution in Iran from a kid's point of view through comic is brilliant from the start. And the way the movie adapts the original images is outstanding. I was amazed at each scene, and the acting voices were a big part of my admiration. What a way to tell an importante story to our current time. The famous Eye of the Tiger off-key scene is so strong, it is impossible not to be knocked over by it. A beautiful, scathing cinematography.

My main thoughts during this movie took the direction of another Iranian emigrant, Behrani, from The House of Sand and Fog. Marji reminded him in how an emigrant is not here or there. For both characters, the reason for emigrating their home place has the same origin. They have different backgrounds and have experienced differently the Islamic Revolution. But they met each other in my mind for one important aspect: when they leave their original homes, they lose the sense of identity - their home makes no sense anymore, and they'll be forever a foreign in other places. They do not belong either there or here, and the lack of belonging is staggering in both movies. 

That was what called my attention here, especially because we see Marji since her early ages, trying to make sense of the absurd situation and changes around her. And even if she is clever and outspoken, her losses will be too big. From a strong, smart girl she becomes a fearful and sad woman, that has do deal with so much pain and losses, no allowing us to say that she is a lucky girl to get out of her country in safety. It is just not as simple as that, as we are told by this incredible narrative.

Persepolis. Directed by Vincent Porannaud, Marjane Satrapi. With: Catherine
Deneuve, Ciara Mastroiani
(another mother/daughter partneship), Gena Rowlands.
Writers: Vincent Paronnaud from the comib book by Marjane Satrapi.
France/UK, 2007, 96 min., Dolby Digital, Color/Animatiion, (DVD).

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