Day 206: Hanna (October, 1st)

Hanna is the kind of movie that I would never expect see from Joe Wright. The other two directors cogitated to develop this project, Danny Boyle and Alfonso Cuáron, made more sense to me. After all, a filmmaker that presented some of the greatest literary adaptations on screen is a impromptu director to this adrenaline-packed action sci-fi movie.

A film on steroids, to be more exact. But a brilliant mind is resourceful, as Joe Wrigth proves here. 

Hanna is a visual, sensory, musical experience. The image that came to my mind was a rave on acid - something that I only experienced by books and movies, I must say. This movie is so cool, I think, despite the persistent feeling that something is missing there, and I cannot put my finger on what is it. Because, thinking rationally, it is perfection. The cast (Saoirse Ronan is absolutely wow), cinematography (what are those takes?), music (I'm still breathless):, everything is beautiful, exhilarating, visceral. Stunning. Breathtaking indeed.

The funny thing about music is that a line is repeated twice during the film, and it is the definition of music that a father passes to his daughter, both living in total isolation.  Music would be "A combination of sounds with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion". The soundtrack here reinforces and contradicts this idea in a brilliant way. In this sense, the final credits are a part of this experience in a subtle way, it is worth stay with it until the very end.

So much adrenaline, I was only able to sleep at 5 am. But I didn't care, I really enjoyed this crazy trip. Thank's, Lilly, for telling me about this!!!

Hanna. Directed by Joe Wright. With: Saoirse Rona, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchet.
Writers: Seth Lockhead, David Farr from the story by Seth Lockhead. USA/
UK/Germany, 2011, 111 min., Dolby Digital/DTS, Color (DVD).

PS: So far, Hanna was the only feature by Joe Wright that I hadn't seen, and I don't know why exactly. To not miss any other of his movies, I looked for his next production, and I was very happy to know that he's responsible for the adaptation of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, a cherished book from one of my favorite storytellers of all times Neil Gaiman. 

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  1. WOW! As if your description wasn't enough to get me totally on board, I went to find it on Netflix and add it to my list, and to liking the synopsis started with "This teenage killer only wants a normal life". I'm in! I want to watch this ASAP. A rave on acid? Music is a big part of it? I want it. Looking forward to it!

    [ j ]