Day 207: Event 15 (October, 2)

In a complete catatonic state, result of a strong cold that afflicted me on the last days, I woke up from a nap and took residence on the sofa in front of the TV. I was planing to zap through some channels, only to see what was going on.

A movie with two titles... And I've read that there's
a third one. 
Event 15 was on, and despite not planning to see the day's film at that moment, I couldn't go way from the TV from the first scene. The thing with this B production is that it doesn't allows us to take our eyes from it until the cheesy yet relevant ending.

One thing that I realized here is how I enjoy movies with a few or only one character on screen. Event 15 lacks the brilliant features of Locke, for example, but it is gripping indeed. Three veterans suffering from PTSD are trapped on an elevator. Nothing good could come from such an event, but what follows is even more astounding and horrid.

The movie opts for a big message at the end, but it wasn't necessary actually. The simple plot here would scream loudly by itself. without the help of a corny lesson. But if you're have nothing else to do, and this movie is available, I think it is worth your time - it is a short movie, anyway, with scary action and scarier motivation behind what looks like an accident. Not a bad way to spend time while going through a terrible flu.

Event 15 Directed by Matthew Thompson. With: Jennifer Morrison, James
Frain, Josh Stewart. Writers: Scott Bolger et al. UK/USA, 2013, 86 min.,
Color (Cable TV).

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  1. Yea, I understand your fascination with stories that feature one or only a few main characters, specially after Locke. Curious enough, this film is rated 4.8 on IMDb, which says a lot about how sometimes a "bad film" can entertain, given the right circumstances. It goes back to what I said before, it's easy to classify a film as "shit" but there's always a lot more to it.

    [ j ]