Day 214: Priceless (October, 9)

The moralistic leitmotif of the day before remained on this day with Priceless (Hors de Prix) How people can be a mean to one's desires is scene in another light story. This time with the amazing Audrey Tautou.

One thing that makes a subtle cameo in Pretty Woman is also sustained here through the story of a guy that falls in love with an opportunist women and, in order to be near her and call her attention, he eventually becomes like her. His tactics work beautifully, the girl falls for him too (not a big spoiler, I promise you) and everything is well.

However, there's a insinuate aspect on the outcome of both stories that is very perverse in its subliminal morals: good people can sell themselves and assume a socially condemned life style, but, for being good, they are not 100% ok with that. In Pretty Woman, the girl tells her client-turned-lover how she cried during her first time as a prostitute - after all, she was just a poor country girl lost in a big city... so, rightful viewers, you are not allowed to judge her (To me, you shouldn't do that anyway, just saying). In Priceless, the con-artists atone themselves when they embrace their poverty in order to be in love together. So beautiful, so nice. And so wrong, if we pain careful attention to it. 

Ops, and let's not forget: all rich people are bad, stupid, opportunist. Oh, Lord.

Yes, both movie are fun to see and they are enjoyable - I've already said that the day before. The odd thing here is that I've had seen it before, but couldn't remember till the end, when I had a vague recollection of seeing it. Well, it is not a remarkable movie, for sure. Just a funny one, that is forgotten after the final credits, except by the sour aftertaste that it leaves in us with the uncomfortable feeling that something complicated is being said there.

Priceless (Hors de Prix).Directed by Pierre Salvadori. With: Audrey Tautou,
Gad Elmaleh, Marie Christine Adam. Writers: Pierre Salvadori et al. France,
2006, 106 min., DTS/Dolby Digital, Color (Netflix).


  1. Sounds messy and I'm done with messy films for this year. Hehe. Pass.

    [ j ]

    1. Joe, can you teach me how to avoid messy films? Please? :)