Day 215: Ain't Them Boddies Saints (October, 10)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints has a more interesting story behind its name than the movie by itself. Don't get me wrong, it is a good period movie, but nothing that you've not seen before. The mood is melancholic, which I always love, the scenes are beautiful, the characters are doomed and sad. All of them elements that give poetry to a story. But it is all. End of final credits, good songs, and that's it. I went to sleep without a second thought.

Casey Affleck I'm able to stand better than his brother, the rat Ben. Rooney Mara is always a strong presence on screen, and Keith Carradine is on his usual role on the last years. Cinematography is pretty, the silence is great - I love silence in a movie. But there's nothing outstanding here. Just a couple of hours with a well known story about outcast love.

I've read some comments on imdb.com about how this movie has a Terence Malick (one of my favorite filmmakers in life) kind of feeling. I disagree with that. Ok, there's the silence, and melancholic takes and so, but the main feature on Malick's films is absent here: how time is something more sensed than told. We have here the sense of time, something that is pictured in a different (brilliant) way by Malick. 

The curious thing is its title, as I've said above: it came from the director misquotation of a song's lyric. No, seriously. Ain't that cool? I thought so, and that's the main recollection of this movie that I'll have on a future time when I'll think about it :)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints. Directed and writen by David Lowery. With: Rooney
Mara, Casey Affleck,  Ben Foster. USA, 2013, 96 min., Dolby Digital, Color (DVD).

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