Day 216: The Intern (October, 11)

For a long time I haven't seen a movie like The Intern, that kind of feel good mainstream productions that make us laugh, cry, relate to those improbable characters and leave the movie theater feeling really good about life and so.

But, in reality, I first thought it would be so much worse. And it isn't bad at all; it's the opposite actually. Even if predictable, the story and characters are good, and a good take on current way of life in the (higher) middle class.

Nowadays, there's an common sense idea about what is politically correct to do. And we see all that on the way by which Anne Hathaway's Jules  manages her company: she rides a bike to circulate on the big office; her firm has a program to hire older interns; there's even a masseuse on call to treat the employees. But Jules life's a mess, because she acts in the opposite direction of her believes. 

Every now and then, there's a movie that becomes a hit for picturing the current times images and people's main struggles in a more common way. The Intern is designed to be exactly that, an easy and cute image of our more intricate struggles. It is not difficult to like it, and even laugh hysterically in front of the funny character's antics. They are so cute, we're have no other option that relate to them, even if they are too perfectly created to fulfill the story's mission, as to say. And Robert De Niro is less stereotyped than his last roles (even if there's still a lot of cliches here). But he is believable - I actually could see a lot of myself on some of his features. I'm not being vain, I swear... it is only  that some aspects here are really accurate. It is not because it is easy that it is not true, as we can see in many and many movies out there. 

And so, that was it. I left my seat in a full movie theater, on a hot Sunday, in the company of one of my dearest friends, with a smile on my face. And the thought that it was too easy to get it there.

The Intern. Directed and written by Nancy Meyers.  With: Robert De Niro,
Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo. USA, 2015, 121 min., Dolby Digital/Datasat,
Color (Cinema)..


  1. I gotta say I'm one of those who thought this would be too "much of the same". Question: does it have a 'The Devil wears Prada' feel? If so, I'll watch it for sure. The way you described it made me think of it.

    [ j ]

    1. I don't think so. It goes on a different direction, I think. It is sweeter, more intimate, reflexive, but entertaining and easy at the same time.