Day 217: What's in a Name (October, 12)

I was pleasantly surprised by What's In a Name? (Le Prénom). What seemed like a light comedy became an interesting debate about family affairs and even human relations. It is witty, funny, scary in its accuracy, and even hopeful at last. Because we can expect perfection from the people we love, but what does it mean really? Everybody has its own issues, one more than others, sure, but we are equals in our daily struggles. There's no way to escape that, and this movie keep us glued to the screen, looking at it with open eyes.

There's so many familiar references in here... impossible not to relate to what is happening in that living room, with some relatives and in laws battling for recognition. It is truly staggering.

A clever script, amazing performances, a detailed direction: this movie is a bull's eye. We laugh because it is funny, witty... we laugh because it is a true nerve-racking. A must-see, I think, even if it seems a bit silly at first sight.

What's in a Name? (Le Prénom). Directed and written bu Alexandre de La
Patellière, Matthieu de Laporte, from their original play.  With:  Patick
Bruell, Valérie Benguigui, Charles Berlling. France/Belgium, 2012, 109
min., Color, Dolby Digital (Netfllix).  

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