Day 222: Best Man Down (October, 17)

Best Man Down is that sort of movie that tests our own reactions to things. Our most ingrained prejudices regarding people and what they would probably do in our opinion when faced with difficult events. And in a delicate view of ordinary people's struggles, they prove how wrong we can be at a first impression.

After realizing that the film was not as inane as I first thought, I warmed to the character in a point that I wanted to hug them. They're so real, so against the grain, it is great. As I've been saying, nothing like a small indie movie to put a mirror in front of our daily life, our surroundings and relations.

There's a funny plot around a cafethan that I regarded as a example of how these kind of production can reach important aspects about human relations by such tiny details. This particular factor here conveys so much, it is incredible. Simple movies about intricate matters through a delicate story and solid performances are always a good treat, without being a safe recipe. And this one wasn't any different, fortunately.

Thank's again (and again and again), Magic Shuffle :)

Best Man Down. Directed and written by Ted Koland. With: Justin Long, Jess
Weixler, Tyler Labine, Addison Timlin USA, 2012, 89 min., Color (Netflix).

PS: The day after I've watched this movie, I've saw a facebook a post about how "human egoism" is probably a capitalist propaganda in order to keep people apart. The story (in Porguguese) has the following headline: "New research suggests: our species is mostly cooperative, selfless and caring. The idea of collective greed can be an ideological projection made up by concentrating power and capital". It immediately reminded me of the characters in this movie, that sustain the results obtained by this new research for sure. 

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