Day 223: Heat (October, 18)

Heat is one movie that I should have seen at the time of its release. It is a great crime drama, with a smart, suspenseful writing, but it carries too much of its time features to be strong still, I think. The main aspect in that sense is the music: in the middle of the '90s, it relates a lot to some of the scores on the '80s, giving to it an old feeling that diminishes a lot the drama for me - I could identify it, but not really feel it. 

A good surprise was to see Robert De Niro and Al Paccino opposite each other 20 years ago, when they were not condemned yet to the grandpas roles of nowadays. Here they are spectacular. I was in love with both, and a very melancholic feeling took hold of me during the whole movie because of that. I've seen De Niro and Pacino this year in more elderly roles, and despite not being over attached to a sense of eternal youth or something like that, It was weird confronting their roles in a 20 year gap. But that's life, and I guess it's ok for me to be melancholic about that sometimes. 

Michael Mann knows how to shoot at night, his images are spectacular. The pace of his movies are so suspenseful, smart, respectful to the viewers intelligence, it is always a good surprise. I wasn't totally sure before, but now, after Heat, I can state that my favorite Mann's film is Miami Vice, 2006. I cannot understand the 6.0 ratings on imdb.com. The cinematography there is so good, outstanding even. For me, it was like Mann was improving his skills as a filmmaker in order to achieve what he presented with Miami Vice. But, again, that's me and my contrary views about life. 

Heat. Directed  and written by Michael Mann. With: Robert De Niro, Al
Paccino, Val Kilmer. USA, 1995, 170 min., Dolby Digital/SDDS, Color (DVD). 

PS: Dea, my amazing friend that thought Batman and Dracula were the same, cannot tell apart Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.I imagine what it would be like watching this movie with her :)

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