Day 250: Stuck in Love (November, 14)

At the time I finally stationed myself in front of the TV to see today's movie, I was so, so tired that any movie would have to do. I was lucky that the first thing I saw on the screen was Stuck in Love.

I'm very partial to this film. I've already had watched it a few times when I discovered the reason why it is so good, yet unpretentious: it's directed by Josh Boone, the same from The Fault in our Stars - he has a way to told strong stories by a delicate manner that I find endearing.. I love those characters, they make so much sense to me, specially Lily Collins (she's amazing here) and Logan Lerman. Even the smallest role here is great, actually (Hello, Kristen Bell). We navigate through their lives like they are near us, a neighbor family struggling to surpass their troubles and fears in order to achieve a little bit of happiness sometime. I'm very fond of them actually.

This way, I could forget all the fatigue and had a good time out with some good friends. That most characters are writers is not a bad trait at all - a good story about those who write them and find in fiction a way of be aware of life. The only thing that I'm not able to comprehend is that "my favorite book" talk. I try to figure which book I like most, and I don't think it is possible. 

Stuck in Love. Directed and written by Josh Boone. With: Greg Kinear,
Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Nat Wolff. USA, 2012, 97 min., Color (Cable).  

Ps: Of course the soundtrack is good too. Usually, the best stories are among great songs :) 

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