Day 251: The Pretty One (November, 15)

Since Ruby Sparks, I try to follow Zoe Kazan's career, and usually her movies are a nice surprise. She has an awkwardness that is captivating even, and I guess The Pretty One tried just to emphasize it in one of her roles on this movie. But it wasn't successful enough, I'm sad to say.

Zoe Kazan and Jack Johnson together would be too good to be true, but it is not. There's something lacking in this film, I guess, that not even those two can prevent. Or it is just that I simply cannot stand overly emotional needy people, in fiction or real life. For me, it is like nothing really matters but to be loved - by whom, when, how... it doesn't matter. I'm not sure I'll be able to really explain it. Everybody has something lacking on their lives, I know, especially from an emotional point of view. I know and I empathize with that, even with needs so different of my own. Zoe Kazan's Laurel is a sweet nice girl, but so needy, she becomes stupid actually. It is annoying. And so this movie was tainted for me, since the beginning, and despite the casting of two actors that I usually enjoy.

The Pretty One. Directed and written by Jenée LaMarque. With: Zoe Kazan,
Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston. USA, 2013, 90 min, Color (Netflix).

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