Day 309: 18 Meals(January, 12)

Editing is an essential part of telling a story. It sounds obvious, but it is not unusual a filmmaker that fails to tell a tale just because of bad editing, as is the case in 18 Meals (18 Comidas).

The creative process here is so interesting, one that has been calling my attention on the last few months. All 67 scenes are improvised, as we can read by the final credits. The characters had biographies, and from that director and actors developed the scenes. Each one of them gravitates around one of the daily meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Only a few stories were endearing to me. The older couple silently around their kitchen table sharing their meals - nothing had to be said in order for them to communicate - is my favorite. The guy that sets the table since the morning till the night to wait his love is another. A birthday party at the end made me smile - that big table full of friends, food, drinks and music was actually beautiful. But the rest is developed with such a heavy hand that I couldn't stand most of them. By reason, the themes are very relevant. But the feeling was not there for me, and so I was looking constantly at the clock.

Santiago de Compostela was an almost destination in two different times of my life. I was so close but never there. I thought this movie could allow me to know the small town a bit, however that was not the case. This film is too impersonal to present such a possibility.

18 Comidas. Directed by Jorge Coira. With: Luis Tosar, Federico Perez Rey,
Víctor Frabegas. Writers: Jorge Coira et al. Spain/Argentina, 2010, 101 min.
Color (Cine Brasília).

PS: I don't usually defy my disinclination toward Japanese animations - manga and animes. I love Japanese cinema and literature, but there's something about those round eyes and historical characters that don't suit me at all. I tried, but it is ingrained in me. Nevertheless, Rodrigo told me about an anime with an amazing story. I decided to make a try, and on this day I've watched episodes 1 to 3 of Steins;Gate (I love the opening sequence). I'm still thinking if I'll forgive Rodrigo for introducing me to the annoying and hysterical mado scientiste Rintarou Okabe - he is so frustrating that there's no other option than laugh at him. 


  1. I want to read the ending comments on Steins;Gate LOL

    1. Seriously? Are you still game for more comments? I have been thumping your ears off with all my Japanese impersonations and you are still asking for more comments? Brave man you are :)

    2. LOL. Sure I am. But I think there will be no hysteria at the end.