Day 329: The Beauty Inside (February, 1st)

I'm not sure how The Beauty Inside (Byuti insaideu) got into my external hd. Well, I have a vaguely idea... maybe I saw it while serching Like Crazy on imdb.com for Omad. I'm not sure though.

This South Korean movie is an adaptation of a tv series directed by Drake Doremus, the same of the Day 316 movie. This series was a social experience in movies, a "social film" as it is called. Under the sponsorship of Toshiba and Intell, the result is a beautifull look inside human life and what it is to fall in love. Its clean images and soundtrack is a sign how it is a bit of a advertising piece. Not that I'm complaining, it is pretty and endearing, of course. This sort of sci-fi plot is a way to look into a human soul and all its loneliness, uncertainty, hopes. Topher Grace's voice over brings a sadness to it, a depht to the main Character, and with his love interest is the only feature that remains visibly the same. 

Why am I talking too much about it, instead of going straight to the movie? Well, first because this social experience in movies is a protagonist by itself. Second, the movie is a reboot of the series, even referring to it in many images.

All the poetry presented on the short film is lacking in some moments throughout the feature movie. It is still there in some moments, songs, lines, takes, characters. The sheer lightness is only glimpsed here, during the first minutes and on Lily's features (Hyo-ju Han is a kind of sweet fairy, I'm not exagerating). The drama is heavy here. It is not entirely bad, but even before seeing the sort film after this one, I thought all the time that this movie was lacking a big dose the poetry, lightness, magic that the story calls for. The main characters get an extended background too, of course, which was dispensable on the short story. 

Said that, I must add that the relationship depicted here sounded real to me. Sometimes we feel like we should get rid of a big chunk of ourselves in order to stay with the one we love. I'm not talking about the usual give ins/aways that are a part of all relations, but to big parts of us that get lost in our own wrongful views about love and being together. This movie depicts this aspect in a heartfelt ways, and even if it meant the loss of lightness, I think it was worth it (even if too much at some moments).

We all wake up to a different life each morning. What we feel, what we see, what we are, want, hope. We try to make it the same, in that ilusional sense of security and permanence. We are the consistency in our lives, and we are not the same. Contraditory meanings are a substancial part of existing, and in recognizing that we can be more aware of all our beauty inside, outside and everywhere (sorry if it sounds cheesy :).

Byuti insaideu. Directed by Jong-Yeol Baek. Cast: Hyo-Ju Han, Seo Joon Park
(and other 123 actorr for the main role). Writers: Seon-Jeong Kim, Jeong-ye
Park. South Korea, 2015, 127 min., Color.

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