23 days to go: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (March, 16)

Holly freaking gods of amazing movies!!!

"I didn't chose the skuxx life, the skuxx life chose me".

A thousand smiles :)

Joe told me about Hunt for the Wilderpeople some days ago, and it looked like a fit choice for me on this day. I could never have imagine that it would go so beyond all my expectations, becoming one of my favorite movies in life.

If ficcional stories allow us to relate to different people and ways of life, in an important exercise of perceiving the other,  different productions take us to many point of views beyond our own culture. New Zealand movies are remarkable in this sense, as the Nordic, with distinguishable ways of talking about life. Many other are too, I know, of course. But these two always surprise me. 

Nothing is pasteurized here, which can lead to some weariness, but it is a feature I usually find amazing. In this movie, it is endearing actually. The story is so heartbreaking, but it is rare the moments we don't laugh hysterically. Julian Dennison as Rick Baker is something from other world entirely - we love him immediately, despite all his apparent unlovable traits. Sam Neil is almost unrecognizable here. 

The soundrack? Amazing. I was really excited during a rendition of Nina Simone's Sinnerman. The dialogues are something else too - amazing references from pop culture. Great scenery, great people, bizarre situations. A funny, sweet, captivating film, a good place to go from time to time. 

At the end, stay with the final credits, you'll have a nice surprise that will make you sing along happily.

What are you waiting for? Go watch it!!! For real, you'll love it, I'm sure.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Directed and writen by Taika Waititi, based on the
book by Barry Crump (with aditional writing by Tearepa Kahi). Cast: Julian
Dennison, Sam Neil, Rima Te Wiata. New Zealand, 2016, Dolby Atmos, Color, 101min.

PS: The first NZ movie that had a strong impact on me was, as I remember, In my Father's Den, a 2004 production with Matthew MacFadyen, my biggest crush in 2005/2006 (Why? Because of Pride & Prejudice, that's why - no need for explanation, actually. He's is an amazing Darcy). This movie is almost claustrophobic as we become aware of all the terrible trappings of that small town. It was the first time I remember hearing a song by Mazzy Star (absolutely heartbreaking).


  1. Hahaha YEEESSS!!!! this is one of the best movies to recommend ever. I agree this rapidly becomes a favourite for life. Everything in this film is a gem. Ricky Baker has got the knack!! There's not a character here that you don't end up loving. From the first scenes with Bella to the stupid police officer, TK the Maori father and #1 fan of Ricky and Hec to Psycho Sam, and even the minister, played by the director himself. It's all priceless how they build up the story based on subtle, thought-out humour in such captivating manner. This is the kind of movie from which you want to hang a poster on your bedroom wall, it's so dear and special. I've already got "Boy" another movie from Taika Waititi, because whatever this man does, I'm buying. He's good.
    The soundtrack is so amazing!!!! I've it on my Spotify list!! It's crazy good. Did you read on the trivia page that the Ricky Baker birthday song was conceived on the spot while shooting? Apparently the had shot many takes of that scene singing the Happy Birthday song, when they realised they couldn't pay for the royalties to use it, so they had to improvise. Can you believe that? It ended up being one of the best songs in the soundtrack, specially with the new rendition at the end. Amazing!
    I've had "in my father's den" on my watchlist for a while now, good to see you reference it here. And I also downloaded some music from Mazzy Star thanks to your recommendation the other day! It's all so special! Glad to have this bouncing-back of experiences! And so happy you watched this!!!

    [ j ]

  2. p.s.: another one of his movies, 'What we do in the shadows', just got added to Netflix, under the title 'O que fazemos nas sombras".

    [ j ]

    1. Man, you're psychic. I was just going to tell you about What we do in the shadows!!!! Flavia told me about it today, she loved it! Says it is so much fun.

      The bit about the Ricky Baker song is so good! That is the sort of stuff that make filming so special (and I didn't know Happy Birthday was under royalties. It makes sense, but it is crazy anyway). The final rendition is the cherry on the top of the icing, it really is <3