Dark Skies (April, 11)

I wasn't at all on the mood for something too serious. A cold has be rounding me, I'm too sleepy, lazy.. so I resorted to the list of Sci-fi movies on Netflix and end of story.

Or I thought it was, because I have seen almost all of the films listed there... The first one I hadn't saw it was the chosen one (hehe). That was Dark Skies (not a good title, I reckon), a mix of Sci-fi/Horror that looked like fun.

It was, for sure. Nothing big, from another world, but I wasn't expecting that. I like Keri Russel since her Felicity times, and I find interesting seeing her in a flick. The suspense is good enough, with scary scenes in a level that I had to let the light on. I usually have the policy of not watching Horror alone, but this looked not too much, it was early in the night and I had the company of a peperoni pizza. Everything should be alright.

Again, it was. However, when the film was moving on its second half, I realized I had seen it from that point on, probably while surfing the TV channels. Knowing what would happened made more scared, and not the opposite. It ended up that I didn't remember the whole ending, and what hasn't made sense before was all clear now.

I enjoy and I'm too scared from my own good of endings like that. We always hope for a solution, and without spoiling much, you won't find it here - just a hint of hope. That kind of not patronizing conclusion is interesting and, at the same time, scares me to hell. Despite not being an wow movie, Dark Skies fulfilled its role on my day in a good way. A good plot, well constructed, without loose ends.

Now it's just a matter of suppressing some of its scary scenes and try to sleep. Maybe.

Dark Skies. Directed and written by Scott Stewart. Cast: Keri Russel, Jake Brennan,
Josh Hamilton. USA, 2013, Dolby Digital/Datasat, Color, 97min.

PS: Dark Skies presents the bonus of a J.K. Simmons cameo in a brief but good role. 


  1. hmm so another horror movie you managed to watched all by yourself. good on ya!

    now watch GET OUT.
    just trust me.

    [ j ]

    1. Gee, be cool lol. Get Out is already on my list :) But if it wii be too scary, we'll have a serious chat hehe.